New project to investigate low-dimensional energy materials

1D v2

In the renewal of his Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Dr Fenwick will be develop new low dimensional materials for energy applications.

Materials confined into low dimensional structures develop new properties that are not observed in the bulk. This includes new (opto)electronic properties. Additionally, nanostructures tend to have low thermal conductivity due to phonon scattering at their boundaries, which is a key requirement of a thermoelectric material. Nonetheless, individual nanostructures are only used in limited applications due to fabrication challenges and the difficulty of integrating them into devices. This project will develop bulk materials with low dimensional character.

Results presented to the UK parliament

PhD student Thibault Degousée presented his results at the STEM For Britain event in the Palace of Westminster. A number of MPs and policy members attended the event.

The event aims to present “ground-breaking” and frontier UK research and R&D to Members of both Houses of Parliament at Westminster and foster greater dialogue between early-stage researchers and Members both in Westminster and in their Constituencies.

Thibault at STEM for Britain